At every stage of construction, Eton-West is proactive in working with our own crews and subcontractors to ensure that all elements of the project meet or exceed client standards. We stand behind our product well beyond completion.


Our loyal relationships with a diverse group of owners, consultants, suppliers and subcontractors are the foundation of every project. We listen to clients’ needs, develop a complete understanding of desired outcomes, and tailor materials and building systems to save clients time and money.


Organized systems fuel project success. Eton-West has clearly defined procedures and tracking systems to ensure consistent and reliable outcomes on all of our projects.


With a highly experienced team of project managers, superintendents and their support teams, Eton-West delivers what it promises; competitive pricing, quality work, and projects completed on time.


At Eton-West, safety is a top priority. As leaders in safety excellence, we have received three Trailblazer Awards. For nearly 20 years, we have maintained Certificate of Recognition (COR). The entire Eton-West family is committed to our excellent safety program.


All senior project managers are stakeholders in Eton-West. Clients can be confident that their primary contact has a vested interest in building and maintaining long-term relationships. Our senior project managers are accessible to the client at every stage of project should any issue arise.